Suns Of Arqa - Scared Sacred (CD)


Suns Of Arqa - Scared Sacred (CD) Liquid Sound Design presents the latest instalment in the ever-progressive work of the legendary Suns Of Arqa 'Scared Sacred'.
With over 30 genre-bending years of experience, creator and mentor Michael Wadada expertly carves a new path in the evolution of Dub, drawing for the melodies of classical Indian Raga and countless other ethnic influences and draping them over bass-heavy rhythms and euphoric soundscapes.

In an age of incoherent albums designed to be 'cherry picked', we are presented with an engulfing musical journey, rewarding the listener with almost seamless transitions between rich atmospherics and driven, uplifting beats.

With collaborators including super-producer Youth (The Verve, U2, The Orb, Paul McCartney...), this inspirational work promises to set a new standard for the world beat sound.


1. Gentraige2. Goltraige3. Dordfhiansa4. Echtratraige5. Echtratraig - (Part 2)6. Echtratraig - (Part 3)7. Suantraige