Sunmonx - Power Salad


Power Salad is the debut album from Melbourne based duo Sunmonx.Combining Opiuo's renowned production style with Austero's tasty guitar grooves, this refreshing sonic fusion weaves together threads from the worlds of blues, dub, funk and beyond. Lovers of bass music, glitch and all things electronica will find plenty to satisfy their cravings within the solid basslines, crisp production and the precision attention to the finest micro-details.
Sunmonx have kept themselves busy in the acoustic kitchen over the last 3 years, carefully combining their nutritious homegrown musical ingredients and perfecting their gourmet dub-infused recipes. Power Salad contains nothing but the freshest fruits of this labour, cultivated as the pair step beyond their self-released Rigiti EP, a 4-track teaser that caught the attention of Interchill Records and many other downbeat lovers around the world. Picking up where they left off, Sunmonx hit the studio with innovation in mind and set out to explore new dimensions of the electronica spectrum.

They came up with an energizing album where progressive beats mingle with a prevailing thread of guitar, uniting this diverse palette of sounds and styles into a cohesive and delectable whole. Power Salad hits right on target and stays true to its title, serving up an organic blend of revitalizing tracks to set you on your way. Who's hungry?


1. Parma Panorama2. Emoxygen3. Kow Chow4. Owls5. Pickle6. Rokkit Snot7. Spatchula8. Conchencha Voz9. Mi Tierra10. 70 Percent Cocoa