Sundose - Learning To Fly (CD)


Sundose - Learning To Fly (CD) The long awaited debut album is finally ready! So prepare your ears, heart and feet for a beautiful emotional and uplifting music full of exciting melodies, groovy beats, hypnotic sounds and vocals.

Sundose aka Avshalom (Avshi) Elmaleh, 27 from Tel Aviv, began his journey into trance at the age of 16, after 2 years of making music and DJing around the country. He left the trance scene for a while and got drafted to the army.

Only after travelling the world at the years 2005 he decided 2 start making music again, after one year of studying and evolving his passion to trance music he open the project Sundose, his music can often be define as emotional melodic and sometimes GOA OLD School Style but in a more groovier way. There are not many Artists who follow their visions of music in such consistent and after many smashing hits that was released on many different labels he is finally releasing his debut album.

Be ready for an emotional, mystical and beautiful experience that will set your heart on fire and rest assured you will listen to this album again and again.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/29

1. In The Music - SUNDOSE
2. Rainbow Serpent - SUNDOSE FEAT. FADERS
3. Loud and Clear - (Remix for Vibe Tribe)SUNDOSE
4. Learning to Fly - SUNDOSE
5. Disco Dancer - (Remix for Ananda Shake)SUNDOSE
6. Inside ur mind - SUNDOSE
7. Electrofeelia - SUNDOSE
8. Aspemia Dreams - SUNDOSE
9. Low Frequency - SUNDOSE