SunControlSpecies - ii (CD)


Iboga Records Presents the long awaited second album from Australia's 'SunControlSpecies'.Sun Control Species is back!
This time with the sophomore album, simply named 'ii', which is a highly anticipated, seminal release from Iboga Records. This album is a powder-keg of tunes, full of sub-driven, highly detailed, once-in-a-lifetime tracks.

Suncontrolspecies is exploding back onto the scene. A mature outlook comprising softer, more complete soundscapes, this artist has taken his personal knowledge and experience of the psychedelic and streamlined it.

From highly self-expressive tracks like 'Serenaii', 'Two' and 'Scalar Fields', to retro-futuristic guns-blazing stormers like 'Yaban' and 'Quadrant', also the relentless upward curve of 'Spleens', it is clear to SCS that the future is indeed an analog one.

If you are one of those people who is looking for that special something, then dont miss out on this milestone release from SunControlSpecies


1. Serenaii 
2. Yaban 
3. Pi in the sky 
4. Two 
5. Quadrant 
6. Spleens 
7. When worlds collide 
8. Scalar Fields 
9. With the frozen lands in place