Sufi - Timewave Zero (CD)


Sufi - Timewave Zero (CD) Sufi, aka Mohsine Kabbouchi, just put the finishing touch to his debut album, 'TimeWave Zero'. Another quality artist emerging from Belgian label Dacru records, Sufi will indulge you with the intoxicating and psychedelic nature of his work.
A delightfully twisted musical tale, filled with just the right twists and turns, bound to make the hi-tech groove fan add this one to his regular playlist.

This debut album will surely blow a fresh breeze through the otherwise mindnumbing array of contemporary releases, guaranteed to provide nerve-shattering bliss to the last note.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Nov. 2008/46

1. Sim City
2. Out there (ft Electric Wind)
3. Gravitational wave
4. Sleep is good
5. Brainactivity
6. Excarbur
7. N Directory
8. Antilope (vs DigiCult)
9. This Tortion