Stratil - Fusion


This is the debut album of Stratil, presented by Uxmal Records.Through the years, after life experiences and evolution, specially in music and technology, everything is changing as well as our perception of things around us.
The first Stratil's tracks and my beside project Zolarium are progressive psytrance, but now after listening all the new currents and different styles I tried to express my own feeling'and the way I understand music.

In this album I made 10 different stories, in which I used all the things I like from psytrance, house, techno, minimal and downtempo to create this Fusion.

Im glad to be heared by you! I would like to thank all the people that support me to make this wonderful challenge! Ivan Meyer Stratil


1. Susi 4 
2. Side Chain vs Swing 
3. Analog Obsession 
4. Fusion 
5. Na, Na, Na 
6. Supersonic 
7. Club Music 
8. Just the way it is 
9. 69.69 Radio Mix 
10. Rol Camara