Speedball - Human Disorder (CD)


Speedball - Human Disorder (CD) Materia Records is proud to announce their eleventh release, 'Human Disorder'!After a few compilations oriented around the Full On morning sound, we are back in the middle of the night. The main goal is to make you move your body non-stop!
We introduce a new blasting sound from Mexico, Speedball! Javier Duran and Raul Angel Gonzalez are creating some of the strongest and innovative 100% dance floor music these days. They immediately gained fans after releasing ten tracks for various labels, including Materia Recs of course. After two years of hard work in the studio the long awaited debut album is finally ready.

The album has a unique sound and powerful atmospheres, hard bass lines, corrosive leads, drum loops with distortions, surprising editing and lots of mental games...the professional analog mastering delivers a clean, quality sound. Very recommended.


1. Nowhereland2. Interes-thing3. Sci-fi4. Buenos Muchachos5. Mars Life6. Little Trouble7. Weed's Band8. World Domination9. Flashing Paranoia

Source: www.psyshop.com