Spade - On the fast lane


Utopia Records proudly presents the latest studio album release of Spade...'On the fast lane' the anticipated album of the year.
After touring at the most wanted raves and festivals around the world with his numerous release tracks in the top labels compilations, CD's and EP's, it happens again.

Spade brings the top story of the year with his debut album 'On the fast lane'. Spade project, presenting a more mature, experienced and personal view into the art of electronic dance floor oriented music. In this album you can find several remixes and solo tracks fabricated especially for you electronic ears explosions. Ten tracks which integrate to one story, starting with the legendary hit 'Out of nowhere' brings you the perfect start to an amazing complete CD.

It's just a glimpse of Spade talent spreading around the world. This album is not just electronic ears explosions but also a clear message to the world to stay on the fast lane.


1. Out of nowhere - SPADE 
2. Shut Up and Dance - (Spade rmx)SPACE CAT, PERPLEX, MICHELLE ADAMSON 
3. Flash Back - SPADE 
4. Artcore - (Spade rmx)ASTRIX 
5. Do it again - SPADE 
6. Oblivious - SPADE 
7. Music People - SPADE AND VIBE TRIBE 
8. Super Nova - SPADE AND FADERS 
9. Rocket Science - (Spade rmx)VIBE TRIBE 
10. Just a glimpse - SPADE