Space Tribe - Space Tribe Continuum Vol 1


Space Tribe have been pioneers of the Psychedelic Trance since the early 1990s creating Music, Parties and the most psychedelic clothing seen on planet Earth.
Space Tribe Continuum Vol 1 is a journey through Time and Space. A freshly remastered double CD collection of some of the best Space Tribe tracks from the 1st unreleased track in 1993 through to 2000 including collaborations with Simon Posford and Electric Universe. All over the world people have stomped, tripped, blissed out to the sound of Space Tribe.

A full power psychedelic experience that has the power to transform lives. From harmony to chaos and back again.

Space Tribe Continuum Vol 2 will follow soon.


1. In the hands of the shaman - SPACE TRIBE2. Machine Elf - SPACE TRIBE3. The future's right now - SPACE TRIBE4. Live and Let Live - SPACE TRIBE5. Who's Nutty - SPACE TRIBE6. Geomatrix - SPACE TRIBE7. Telepathic Contact - SPACE TRIBE8. All you need is spirit and nothing - SPACE TRIBE9. You can be Shiva - SPACE TRIBE10. The Acid Test - ESP11. All senses vibrating - SPACE TRIBE12. Loopy Loo - SPACE TRIBE13. Dance like nobody's watching - SPACE TRIBE14. Twitch!! - SPACE TRIBE15. 2000 O.D. - SPACE TRIBE16. Live what u love - SPACE TRIBE17. You create your own reality - SPACE TRIBE18. What is conciousness - SPACE TRIBE