Space Tribe - Peak Experience


Here comes the new Space Tribe Album 'Peak Experience'Be careful how you handle it, it's a real blaster.
Take One Drop into your Gene Machine and travel through a very clear and yet beautifully Distorted Reality to a place Beyond Words to meet your Destiny in a Peak Experience. This album needs to be realised to be heard. It's The Bomb we've all been waiting for. An interstellar gift from the force. The album revisits the vibe and intensity of early Psychedelic Trance, a return to the source, but with spanktastic new skool production - Future RetroSince relocating to London from Australia Space Tribe have been collaborating with some of his UK friends, Tristan, Dick Trevor and Laughing Buddha as well as Mad Maxx from California and Johan Bley from Germany. These tracks have already electrified parties and festivals this summer.

Every track is a killer with one universal goal. Bliss on the dancefloor.


1. Peak Experience - (vs Mad Max)2. Destiny - (vs Laughing Buddha)3. Real Simulation - (vs Dickster)4. Just say yes!! - (vs Mad Maxx)5. One Drop - (vs Laughing Buddha)6. Distorted Reality - (vs Tristan)7. Beyond Words - (vs Dickster)8. Gene Machine - (vs Laughing Buddha)9. The Bomb - (vs Johan Bley)