Space Elves - Terrestrial Planet Finder


After years of working on the album Dimensional Records is proud to present you the first album release of Space Elves!
On the very verge of the new golden era, four spiritual entities had landed on a small planet called Earth and taken human forms. On their quest of learning about the Earth's culture and civilization, they grew up separated upon this world. From their first human steps the boys showed incredible mental abilities.

One of these soul joint abilities surfaced just with the start of the new millennium, exactly when the four Elven mates finally made contact to accomplish their mission on Earth. Thus, on 21 January star year 2009, according to Earth stellar calendar, four Elven mates, leaded by Imba, united and revealed their Space Elven's alien identity through a unique message to the world of music recorded by the elves, which they are still creating.


1. Fead Huck - SPACE ELVES2. Goa Trance Mission - SPACE ELVES3. Opening New Dimensions - SPACE ELVES4. Terrestrial Planet Finder - SPACE ELVES5. Tokyo Old School - SPACE ELVES6. Trance India Express - (rmx)SPACE ELVES7. Satellite - SPACE ELVES AND SOMNESIA8. Vega - (Space Elves rmx)JIKOOHA