Space Buddha/Toast3d - Party Leader (CD)


Space Buddha/Toast3d - Party Leader (CD) Space Buddha vs Toast3dParty Leader is a studio album project by Space Buddha and Toast3d, both marked as the wizards of the Full-on existence.
Space Buddha and Toast3d teamed up dynamics had created the highest level of the Full-on steam reactor. An album of perfect blend of an endless party structure, the gathering energy and the sound of the ultimate pleasure.

This album includes 'gems' such as 2010 Remix to the legendary Land of the Wolves track (Space Buddha 'Full Circle', 2006), I feel Luv (A trance version tribute to Donna Summer, the true Queen of Disco) and Michael Jackson in Heaven (A requiem to the King of Pop, that salutes to the eternal spell of Michael Jackson's Thriller).

It's party time, follow your leader!


1. Party Leader 
2. Michael Jackson in heaven 
3. High Gear 
4. I Feel Luv 
5. Land of the wolves 2010 RMX 
6. Taking Control 
7. Water Dance 
8. Dig It 
9. Psy Force United 
10. ZooClan vs. xXxhatoolxXx