Soundaholix - Soundaholix Anonymous (CD)


Soundaholix - Soundaholix Anonymous (CD) Soundaholix are the funky beast creation of Riktam and Bansi aka Growling Mad Scientists and Celli Firmi(Earthling).
Responsible for unleashing 'Psychedelic Circus' and 'Technofari' upon the dancefloor years ago, they are currently brewing their latest batch of top shelf moonshine somewhere in the mountains of Ibiza.

Their debut album 'Soundaholix Anonymous' is widely considered one of the most sought after albums of 2009 causing similar waves of hysteria in Brazilian and Japanese Shopping centers when swarms of pre-pubescent teenagers surged past the security barriers at both locations and literally absconded with this psychedelic trio. Later the three had to be treated in the local care center for psychedelic treatment.

This strong musical medicine concocted in the secret laboratories in Ibiaza is the only dose for serious Sine Wave addicts.

Now together as Soundaholix, Earthling and GMS represent the hottest collaboration project the world of Psytrance has ever produced. Get ready for a highly addictive new elixir!


1. Psychedelic Circus Part2 (feat Paul Taylor) - SOUNDAHOLIX
2. Red Eye Nights (Album edit) - SOUNDAHOLIX
3. Fight (Album edit) - SOUNDAHOLIX
4. Technofari Extended (GanJah rmx) - SOUNDAHOLIX
5. Therapy Overdose (Album edit) - SOUNDAHOLIX
6. The Phoenix (feat Rafael Rodrigues of Life Style) - SOUNDAHOLIX
7. Human Threshhold - SOUNDAHOLIX
8. Larry Larry (feat Chromatone) - SOUNDAHOLIX
9. Earth Orbit (Soundaholix rmx) - LOGIC BOMB