Sonic Species - Unleash The Beat


The long awaited debut album from Sonic Species has finally arrived.With various hit tracks and powerhouse Remixes already rocking dancefloors across the globe, 'Unleash The Beat' is the ultimate expression of the epic and futuristic Sonic Species cult sound.
Zen Mechanics, Avalon and Mr Peculiar have collaborated to produce 3 massive vs tracks that accompany the original material on the album.

Carving its way from 138bpm to 143bpm 'Unleash The Beat' is a sonic journey packed full of hit tracks that will be appreciated by home listeners, DJs and dance floors together as a masterpiece in contemporary electronic music.

Prepare to be moved!


1. The First and the last 
2. Techno Systems 
3. Dawn Till Dusk 
4. Spice Travel 
5. Strictly Virtual 
6. Back to reality 
7. Generation X 
8. Unleash the beat 
9. Zero