Solid Snake - Unleashed (CD)


Solid Snake - Unleashed (CD) Solid Snake is a brand new project of Omar Chelly from Malmoe. No wonder if the name sounds familiar to you - Omar is one half of the legendary Swedish project Tegma, one of the leading acts on Scandinavian progressive trance scene. For the last decade he has toured the world many times over and released four full-length albums and more than sixty productions on various compilations and singles.

During the last year Omar has been focusing on the Solid Snake album, bringing back an old school sound of progressive psytrance mixed with some fresh ideas. While working on the album, Omar retied the knots to an old friend, Anders Rosengren, whom he brought along as a co-pilot for the project.

The result is 'Unleashed', a unique release which provides a wide variety of sounds, from dirty dub influenced tracks to heavy tribal stompers. Fans of the true Scando sound should not miss this one!
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Aug. 2009/34

1. Intro 

-  2. Too deep in bleep 

-  3. Babylon 

-  4. Is it you or is it me? 

-  5. The Source 

-  6. Flum Drum 

-  7. Orkel Shnorkel 

-  8. Shadows - (Part I) 

-  9. Shadows - (Part II) 

-  10. Untamed -