Solar System - Must Be The Music (CD)


Solar System - Must Be The Music (CD) Solar System is known for his unique and refreshing style comes out with an outstanding new album 'Must Be The Music' that represents the pinnacle of the new generation's accomplishments on none other than Spun Records, one of the most well known and leading Trance labels on the planet.
This is Solar System's second album that brings a new and distinctive sound that speaks to every ear that loves trance and electronic music. After achieving world wide recognition in 2008 as one of the top 100 djs by Dj magazine's reader choice award Lior Lahav returns once again to share with the world his passion and drive for quality and excellence that brought him to the top of the charts world wide and a regular participant at leading events and festivals across the globe.

With his new album 'Must Be The Music', every track in the album tells a new personal story with color that was created by successful combination of atmosphere, emotions and power.

It's hard not to notice Solar System's strong drive, warm bass, melodic of sense vibration and sweeping rhythms.

This new 'Must Be The Music' album brings the Trance world many elements from other worlds, he combine all the ingredients into his own unique style which drift the crowd and listeners into an empowering experience of energies, emotions and excitement.


1. Wonders of the universe - SOLAR SYSTEM 
2. Summer Rain - SOLAR SYSTEM 
3. Time to rock - SOLAR SYSTEM 
4. Omen - (Solar System rmx)THE PRODIGY 
6. Majestic - (new version)SOLAR SYSTEM 
7. Must be the Music - SOLAR SYSTEM 
8. Let it burn - (Solar System rmx)SUN PROJECT 
9. Sublime - SOLAR SYSTEM 
10. Holy Glow - SOLAR SYSTEM11. 3-Days - (Bonus Video)SOLAR SYSTEM