Solar Spectrum - (R)evolution Of Consciousness (CD)


Life would be less interesting if there was no variety...So with this in mind, Free-Spirit Records proudly announces their second pure progressive release '(R) Evolution of Consciousness', from Swiss maestro Solar Spectrum.
Not that previous Free-Spirit output could ever be described as one dimensional what with their dedication to bringing us beats and bleeps from around the world. And so their commitment to revealing all that is fabulous in psy-land is further proven with this new offering.

For those not in the know, Solar Spectrum is a one-man band featuring producer Ralph K. whose alter egos have included being one half of Rastaliens and all of Braincell whose tracks, albums and live shows still resonate with all those who have experienced them. Solar Spectrum though allows Mr Ralph K. to bring his psy-progressive and ambient side to the fore. And now that he's a part of the Free-Spirit family this greater expansion of his personality can be further nurtured for the benefit of all.

'(R)evolution of Consciousness' shows how Ralph's music became mature in these past years. The Album is a sequence of tracks from groovy to pumping, fm sounds accompanied by excellent riffs melodies all with atmospheric psy edges to then finishing with a chill-out track to complete the '(R)evolution of Consciousness' journey.

So seek it now, the '(R)evolution of Consciousness' is another step towards total fulfilment of the soul through the exploration of the wondrous variety of life, Free-Spirit style.


1. Swing Da Beat 
2. Simplicity 
3. I see you 
4. Otherland 
5. Logical Step 
6. Hypnotized 
7. Moving Bits 
8. Tripled Wizardry 
9. Levels of existence 
10. Roots