Solar Fields - Random Friday


'Random Friday' is a sleek and buoyant uptempo album by Swedish composer Solar Fields in the same vein as 'Earthshine' released in 2007.
10 chiseled High-Tech tracks with compact kicks, deep basslines, floating and hypnotic atmospheres, lighthearted melodies and a definite sense of groove!

Magnus Birgersson offers his own definition of dance floor music, with a fine mix of progressive, acid, electro and ambient influences, pushing the audio spectrum production one level up.

Get ready this time for a multi-colored, fresh and dynamic story. Pick a Friday and lift it off! Everything is possible.


1. Light Control 
2. Random Friday 
3. Cobalt 2.5 
4. In Motion 
5. Daydreaming 
6. Swoosh 
7. Landing Party 
8. Lift Off 
9. Perception 
10. Polarity