Solar Fields - Altered - Second Movements (CD)


This is highly innovative Ambient. Immersive and impressive.Altered - Second Movements could be considered a remix album, but in truth it is way more than this. For Swedish composer Magnus Birgersson a work of music can take many paths, and so this album is purely interpreting another way to move through sound.
Atmospheric in essence, almost beatless, the soundscapes invite the auditor to settle within and embark upon a profound floating experience.

The artist sets the mood and tempo to slow motion and from this deep cocoon of sounds lets new inspiration rise.


1. Insolate 
2. eMotion of Circles 
3. Rediscover 
4. Closing the sky 
5. Our blue stones 
6. Universal Dust 
7. Bngl.w 
8. Feel 
9. Changing patterns 
10. Staring into the nothingness 
11. A breeze through life