Skyloops - The Future Is Now (CD)


'The Future Is Now' is the 3rd studio album of Skyloops.This Project just keeps charming their fans with this wonderful music and now with an album that will rock and roll your senses.
This masterpiece mix so many atmospheres that after some point you are just dancing with all your energy like a wild animal. With this album Skyloops keeps reminding us that everything is possible.

Just need to listen to know what i'm talking about, but the only thing i can say is 'you are going to kiss the sun and taste the motherfucking rainbow'.

The CDs were printed in Argentina on a CD-R.


1. Intro 
2. Another World 
3. New Revolution 
4. Stop your thoughts 
5. The Quest 
6. Let the game begin 
7. Patterns 
8. Outro