Skazi - My Way


Three artist albums, 5 compilations and hundreds of shows around the globe in the past 10 years placed Skazi at the top league of the worldwide Electronic music scene.
5 years since Skazi's last studio album has hit the world, Skazi is back with a stunning studio album released and marketed worldwide through HOMmega.


1. Falafel Pt 1 - (with Freedom Fighters) 
2. Circus Of Life - (Feat Meital De-Razon, Soul J) 
3. Warrior - (Feat Soul J) 
4. Dramatic 
5. Feel Alive - (Feat Natan Goshen) 
6. Falling - (Feat Shiri Maimon) 
7. The Drum - (Feat MC Big Fish) 
8. Down to Eden - (Feat Arno Carstens, Maya Siman Tov) 
9. Pizdets 
10. My Way 
11. Talking About Love 
12. Base Flavor 
13. Boomshak 
14. Shout