Skateb??rd blasts into the Kosmos


Italo man about town Skateb??rd will release his new album, Kosmos in October.

The Bergen, Norway native has been silent on the full-length front since 2006's Midnight Magic, a release that came out on his own Digitalo Enterprises imprint. But B??rd Aasen L?¸demel, as he's known to his mother, hasn't been resting on his synth laurels. The producer has produced a number of 12-inches and appeared on Nobody Knows Anything, Supersoul's recent compilation.

Kosmos doesn't depart from the arpeggiated sound of previous work. Instead, the album is merely a more polished version of what's already come before. As a result, you can expect a whole lot of basic drum tracks undergirding moody melodies throughout. After all, he is from Norway. What did you expect?

01. Vuelo
02. Kosmos
03. Inspirational Weekend
04. June Nights South Of Siena
05. React 2 Rhythm
06. Marimba
07. Skatebard Loves You
08. Early Morning
09. Gamle Furutraer
10. Untitled
11. Atari St News Christmas Meeting 1990

Skateb??rd will release Kosmos in October on his Digitalo Enterprises imprint.