Sinepearl - The Dance Of Affinity


'The Dance Of Affinity' is the first release by swedish composer BjA rn Ekegren as Sinepearl and the first in a series of private pressings to be released by Virtual of composers works which we feel vibrate in sympathy with the labels vision and which have inspired us in some way.
The turning of the seasons and the still presence of nature aswell as the landscape and countryside Bjorn lives in have all contributed to the spirit of the album and essence it captures and shares and the result is a beautifull mix of meditative ambient and soundscape composition with an organic tone and a unique character and quality all of its own.


1. Midnight Imagery 
2. Mysterious Affinity 
3. Oasis 
4. Mindstream 
5. Subway Strings 
6. The Cross-legged Swing 
7. Valley