Silent Scream - Primiera (CD)


Sometimes the loudest sound is silence.Silent Scream are a creeping roar the echoes and reverberates throughout the dance floor and flies you vertically and horizontally with full on morning style combining clubby elements motional melodies, fat basslines and powerful build-ups while on top of it a crystal clear sound production making their sound unique and fresh.
The duo have already released their music on several compilations and labels such as Tactic Records, Spliff Music, Utopia Records, Y.S.E Records, Shivlink Records, Kagdila Records, Alkaloid Productions, Sundance Records, and Enigmatic Sound Records. These powerful artists are bearing with them their new creation, their Debut album, well over due and anticipated by many followers of this group.

You can expect massive sounds flowing through your speakers soon with this silent scream that is sure to penetrate the noise around you and fill you with music. Track after track you will feel like you need to run for cover on the dance floor, and dance your way with this liberating and free spirited trance creation.


1. Intro 
2. Easy Going 
3. Axe Fx 
4. Gold Rush 
5. Primiera 
6. Shocker 
7. Pandora 
8. Selection 
9. Panica 
10. Prozac