Sigma - Say Yes Say No (CD)


Sigma - Say Yes Say No (CD) Say Yes Say No is the first offering by Sigma bringing the 'P' factor to Psy-Core records. Loaded with 'Phunk' Sigma's unique take on Psy benefits by his musical influences and inspirations from across many genres, whilst keeping the dancefloor friendly vibes all the way through.
From hip wiggling 'Bass to your face' to psychedelically spangled 'Inspir' and the kicking beats and vocals of 'over my head' this album stands out from the crowd as a lesson in how to produce a new direction of Psy Music.

Audio for your mind body and soul.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Nov. 2008/47

1. Say yes say no 
2. Bass to your face 
3. War of the worlds 
4. Digital Life 
5. Play Time 
6. Inspire 
7. Bad Dreams 
8. On pro level 
9. Rooking on a new bit 
10. Over my head