Sienis - Remixer


Geomagnetic Records is exited to present the newest cd release from Sienis, titled Remixer.'Remixer' is a remix album that includes a bunch remixes of Sienis's favorite tracks.
With remixes of artists such as Hux Flux, Mr.Peculiar, Artax, Talpa, Soladria, Delin, Zekazy, Metzanima and Agalactia.

This has been quite a long project since he wanted to make every track special in order to honor the artists and because Eki is an insatiable perfectionist.

So strap yourself in for this cosmic ride through a number of finely tuned and epic sonic entities!


1. Mycelium Spasm - (Sienis rmx)SOLADRIA 
2. Bring your own bios - (Sienis rmx)HUXFLUX 
3. To see B - (Sienis rmx)DELIN 
4. Charlie's Trip - (Sienis rmx)MR.PECULIAR 
5. Clearly Seeing - (Sienis rmx)ZEKAZY 
6. Pirated Theme - SIENIS 
7. Excuse my fuse - (Sienis rmx)ARTAX 
8. Mescalito - (Sienis rmx)METZANIMA 
9. The world without me - (Sienis rmx)TALPA 
10. Awkward Lightrate - (Sienis rmx)AGALACTIA