Sideform - Moving On


Drasko Radovanovic and Milos Modrinic aka Sideform are the founders and leading producers of Serbia's progressive psychedelic Sound.
Having released various EP's and singles on selected labels, YSE is proud to present their Debut Album 'Moving On'.

This Album is without a shadow of a doubt a ground-breaking work in the field of Trance.

Their unique style and mix of massive beats, crystal sound effects and classic Goa Trance elements is supported by fantastic hook lines and make this debut a real masterpiece!


1. Eastern Fantasy 
2. Psychedelic Future 
3. Precept 
4. Shiva 
5. High Priest 
6. 7th Sense - (feat. Flegma and Nerso) 
7. Chameleon 
8. Legacy 
9. Eternal Light