Side Effects - Complete Control EP


In an era where rational models of actions are appreciated we learn that being in Complete Control is important to our lives.
We are told that through planned time schedules, lists and strategies we will be able to achieve our goals and dreams. We are told that losing our minds or following our emotions is a senseless act that might lead to unwanted results.

But what happens when you want to be free from Complete Control?

Side Effects, aka Yarden Yogev and Tzahi Geller, from Israel are perfect for this project. Both of them have started to toy with production about a decade ago, but went professionally about 5 years ago as Geller studied at BPM sound school, and Yogev, worked at various Mix studios. They decided to take their good long lasting friendship along with their acquired expertise to the next level, and about a year ago formed the Side Effects project. What might have appeared as minor Side Effects of losing Complete Control, continued into a huge turbulence of electromagnetic fields that started to create unpredictable circumstances.

The notorious Night Creatures crept into people's minds, trying to squeeze irrational behaviours that might create Progressive anarchy. Some have started to feel weird sensations which they have interpreted as Paranoia, but it was too soon to tell them that what they have experienced was the reality. After all, reality is what happens when you let go, when you let yourself free from Complete Control.


1. Complete Control
- - - - - - - - 2. Night Creatures
- - - - - - - - 3. Paranoia
- - - - - - - - -