Shyisma - Active Power EP


As time moves on, the western world becomes more attached to objects and brands.People consume more things, that they believe bring some kind of symbolic power. Whether it is a new mobile phone, computer and even new cloths from a famous designer. They somehow manage to bring happiness, assurance and a higher self esteem. Many of these people are not aware of other sources of power, the less physical ones, and yet much more influential, the kinds that bring Active Power to your life Music.
Shyisma, aka Elia Cantelli, from Italy, decided make it clear, in case some people were lost in translation of the message. He started to build his Progressive Trance Empire more than a decade ago, along with Diego Ferri. They have gone each his own way, while on the way Cantelli became deeply involved in the Italian Trance scene. He is known as a promoter, Dj and even created under different names such as Mittag and Nibiro. After a successful Virus EP at the Iono Music family last year, we had no doubt it would not be the last collaboration.

This time Shyisma took over the Active Power, and made a clear example of how to be empowered by a firm bass line and an enchanting melody. This kind of power is not physical, therefore, it cannot be touched, it is floating in the Air Flow. You can breathe it, feel it and vibrate with it, thus realizing how material is unnecessary. Being rich does not mean you have to have money you just need to uplift your Spirit, with atmospheric whispers wrapped with rhythmic bubbles.


1. Active Power
- - - - - - - - 2. Air Flow
- - - - - - - - 3. Spirit
- - - - - - - - -