Shotu - Conception (CD)


Shotu - Conception (CD) A magical hatching process in nine steps.After his debut album 'Jungle Expedition' and two compilations 'Twisted Vision 1 and 2', Shotu, one of the most acclaimed artists of French label Hadra Records, has invested all his love and care into shaping and creating this new opus, in the heart of his fertile mountains.
While playing his huge tracks across the globe, Shotu slowly developed his clean and powerful style, a perfect equilibrium between rich, deep night-time sounds and the optimistic shining simplicity of day-time music.

He found inspiration in the evolution of cells and created this album as a radiating musical saga divided in nine stages, each one of them delivering its fare share of surprise.

All rhythms and layers have been carefully shaped, collected, balanced and polished with great fervour and patience.

The result is a succession of tracks blending into one another to tell a unique and extraordinary story, the story of a Conception


1. The Cell Division
2. Wisdom Light
3. Conception
4. Freaky Dads
5. Woobiloo
6. Hippy Whisper
7. Brainwaves
8. Wiggles
9. Dimitry