Sharigrama - Peyote Phoenix (CD)


Sharigrama - Peyote Phoenix (CD) This cd 'Peyote Phoenix' is the second album produced by Sharigrama. An album with that offers you a mixture of psychedelic trance, electronica, nu-rave and hard electro. It contains 10 excellent tracks that will shake the world's dance-floors more than ever before! The person behind Sharigrama is called Carlos Gonzalez, coming from beautiful Mexico.
The album offers you new fresh music that contains a different concept than the music that has been presented in the psychedelic genre so far, so you can't miss this cd in your cd-book!

The cd is released by Carlos' his own record-label: Interface Records.

Get your copy now and let yourself being taken into the world of 'Peyote Phoenix'!

Style: Psytrance
Released: Oct. 2008/43

1. Bad feeling about this 
2. Electronic 
3. Peyote Pheonix 
4. Something you need 
5. Put me another one 
6. Interface Connection 
7. The 64 Inches 
8. Another Way 
9. Push travel button 
10. Information