Seroxat - My Violent Obsession (CD)


Seroxat - My Violent Obsession (CD) Boost Records is proud to present Seroxat long awaited album 'My violent obbsession'!Five years since the debut album 'Brutal Beats' has been released, and now Seroxat is surprising us again with a new masterpiece.
9 Artistic tracks that range from psychedelic trance music to heavy metal guitar riffs, Break beat to classical music And top notch vocals.

Some of the highlights in this masterpiece includes the hit 'Panic Attack' which has already been tested on dance floors all over the world. 'Breathe In' Which combines Psytrance with Opera and classical music. 'Feels like', a pure psychedelic break beat track with a bad ass rhythm! 'Wishes', the closing track of the album is a brilliant down tempo tune, combining talented piano playing along angelic voices and raw guitars, which sounds genius all together. These are only a few of the tracks featured on this amazing new album.

Seroxat's new album is showing us that he matured through the years into a very talented artist who knows how to make smart music and uses many different genres and styles.

This is a must album to everyone who appreciates high quality, well produced sounds, and genuine music.


1. Endless Stream 
2. Goddamn Noize 
3. Panic Attack 
4. Breathe In 
5. Feels like 
6. More I know 
7. Inside my head 
8. Cryptomnesia 
9. Wishes