Sensual Squeak - The Mojo Monkey


Get ready, as spring will be the season of sensual squeakiness!Sinan's musical background started in the nineties while playing guitar in several hardcore punk bands. In 1999 he had his first encounters with the psychedelic scene which quite turned him on resulting in the first dj gigs in 2003. Being a resident on many events within Switzerland, his talent received soon attention in other countries, resulting in dj gigs in Marocco, Tunesia, Austria and Germany. In 2005 he started producing his own tunes. The chosen name was Sensual Squeak and the path was clear: crispy and deep progressive patterns alongside elements clearly resulting in a peculiar style only Sinan can deliver.
Gaining more attention in the international Trance circus lead to bookings in countries like Russia, Israel, Australia, Ibiza, Germany and Austria which kicked up loads of dust. Recently Sinan was working on his project Refract which he started with his mate Pascal Bourguignon some years ago and which made quite a rumble especially in Germany and Switzerland, resulting in working with Bmss Records. But as his soul contains a lust for the slower and deeper sounds, it was clear his debut album for Sensual Squeak was about to see the daylight. And its shortly before that: signing with Amplidudes Records was the final kick to move him forward in the production of this master-piece.


1. Crabs Creek - SENSUAL SQUEAK 
2. A Place For Crazy People - SENSUAL SQUEAK 
3. Cold Days - SENSUAL SQUEAK 
4. Lucy Slaps Dasy - SENSUAL SQUEAK 
5. Looking Forward - SENSUAL SQUEAK 
6. A Quarter Of A Milligram - SENSUAL SQUEAK 
7. Heavy Prophet - (Sensual Squeak rmx)JANDB PROJECT 
8. Mojo Monkey - SENSUAL SQUEAK 
9. Plopping - SENSUAL SQUEAK