Sensogram - Parallel Minds


After hitting the scene in 2010 the long-awaited debut album from the progressive trance duo Sensogram (DJ Alex Sense and Simon Revill) is finally here!
Following their distinguished released stigma on a variety of labels and gaining support from many leading DJs like Paul Oakenfold, their new trademark is a result of many months of hard work at the studio. 'Parallel Minds' is an epic journey from start to finish, covering a wide range of progressive trance music. Being very disciplined, Sensogram are careful with their audio arrangements and strive for the highest quality in music production possible.

Expect face-melting bass, atmospheric pads and evolving textures, radiating with emotions and chaos. From the driving progressive mood of the title track 'Parallel Minds', to the deep hypnotic groove of 'The Process Starts', following on to the tribal and cocky synth's of 'Not A Dream', this is a journey that will not be forgotten. From the swinging, techno influenced 'Imagination' to the trance inducing 'Everlasting', this album is fresh, innovative and full of slick production techniques and sound design.

A new classy offer from Sensogram nominally four-to-the-floor action. Full energetic but also incredibly easy on the ears the duo is at the best shape and peak, delivering a well-crafted masterpiece. Spot on!


1. Intro 
2. Flashing Lights 
3. Vivid Vision 
4. The Process Starts 
5. Everlasting 
6. Parallel Minds 
7. Not A Dream 
8. Imagination 
9. Changes 
10. The Healer