Sensient - The Space Between (CD)


Sensient - The Space Between (CD) Introducing the 4th album from Sensient, the owner/manager of Zenon Records.It's been three years since the seminal 'Antifluoro' was released and since then Sensient has been busy touring the globe, drawing inspiration from the sounds, people and places he encountered.
Now he has morphed these experiences into sound to create 'The Space Between'. This music is deep, intelligent, progressive and absorbs the influence of many other musical styles (minimal, techno, breaks, glitch) to create an original fusion of psychedelic electronica with strong lashings of musicality and twisted sound design.


1. Doof Bitch 
2. Northern Lights 
3. Cluster Fuck 
4. Nubile Nuts 
5. Tea and Biscuits 
6. Get Bounced 
7. Noname 
8. Data Kids