Sectio Aurea - In Vena Veritas


'In Love There is Truth' it's the title for the highly expected Sectio Aurea album's master piece straight from the Swiss Alps with a message of love and high vibration comes this special sonic voyage promoting the concept of a shift of Light energy in dancefloors around the world, the world is being transformed and shifting our vibration towards Love and Truth and High Vibration it's what will transform the upcoming shift paradigm of the Omega Point..
This is the their humble message of peace of Sectio Aurea so Join us on this quest of 8 Sonic Prayers of Transmutational Alchemy and be prepared to shift towards a parallel reality of pure high intention of peace and harmony.. Sectio Aurea's debut has been quoted as Goa Gil's Favorite music of the year and their music has been transforming dancefloors across Europe and beyond!


1. BuonanotteBuongiorno 
2. In Vena Veritas... 
3. Le Madri 
4. Fendin Scia n Quartin 
5. La V 
6. Cinabro 69 - (ottima annata) 
7. Filo Rosso 
8. Hydrargirium