Secret Vibes - Firefly (CD)


Secret Vibes - Firefly (CD) The French band Secret Vibes is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and for this special occasion, they are releasing a masterpiece of innovative pumping progressive and ethno-psychedelic album.

Their reputation of live kicking extravaganza through collaborations with numerous musicians brings you an accomplished colorful music mixing traditional instruments (flute, didgeridoo, jewharp, etc...), sensible powerful voices, world and ethnic music touches (tribal, celtic, oriental, latino) with a typical electronic touch.

Embark for a trip into new trance around the world. Secret Vibes is proving its success again as one of the established leading bands of the French electronic scene for their original music and for being one of the most amazing and dynamic live performances.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: May 2009/20

1. FireFly
2. Dingeleng
3. Iris
4. Terre Happy
5. Boost
6. Elf Control
7. Desert
8. Spanish
9. Shaman
10. Oxalis
11. Afric
12. Indus Ritual
13. Ocean