Save The Robot - Love Machine (CompactStick)


Save The Robot - Love Machine (CompactStick) Psyshop is proud to present Alien Project and Quadra with their new Album on Compactstick. Save the Robot is a cybernetic 2 piece, electronic component ensemble.

These 100synthetic pieces of far out machinery (origins unknown) are delivering some of the most mind altering frequencies the human ear has ever heard.

Must be played loud to experience all dimensions but scientists are warning that random teleportation could be a side effect. If in doubt wear the recommended ear filters.

The duo have cooked up a massive new album, a gift for the blossom of a new year. Alien Project and Quadra have been worked themselves very hard in an attempt to come up with something really special.This album is full of powerhouses. Not a filler in site.

Love Machine is the name of their wonderful new creation.The compactstick includes 19 powerful dance floor hits, all tested on the most demanding stages all over the world. As additional material to the CD version there are 8 Tracks and a 55 min Freestyle mix included.

This album marks a change in Save The Robot direction and is a cross over between hard dance floor material fussed with Electro and slight progressive beats.

Save The Robot have been hard at work in the studio and have entered new uncharted territories. After reaching the highest point in the Trance scene this duo have begun seeking new and exciting directions, the result is massive.

Time for Love - Lots of Love!

Bonus Material: Avenue C EP, Infra EP, Love is always free EP, 55 min. Save The Robot Live Freestyle mix, Super Toys Executive Press KIT.

Audios in wav and mp3 Format.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/28

1. Communicate
2. Lowrider
3. So Real
4. Let it play
5. What the funk
6. Feel like a star
7. I care
8. Robotz
9. Dreamcatcher
10. She Came
11. Avenue C
12. Good Times
13. Infra
14. Sterotype
15. Love is always Free - (Side B)
16. Love is always Free - (Remix)
17. Love is always Free - (Open-Air rmx)
18. Live Freestyle - (Mix)
19. Super Toys