Sangeet - Cosmic Joy (CD)


Sangeet - Cosmic Joy (CD) Sangeet is considered one of the pioneers of Trance in Germany. His vast experience and total understanding of the music flows throughout his latest work Cosmic JOY (his 5th album) and brings back to the dance floor all the joy he has absorbed throughout his travels.

This album concentrates trying to synthesize a symbiosis combining the intensity and driving force of Full On with melodic elements on one side and hypnotic samples and noises on the other side.

A masterpiece of layering and intelligent production combined with the power and force of the trance culture, this album will be shaking speaker cones for years to come.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Apr. 2009/17

1. Cosmic Joy
2. Acid Base Cluster
3. Peaceful Warrior
4. XpD5
5. Escobar Rmx
6. Biophysical Structure
7. Kurbograba
8. Bounce Free
9. Distorted Dreams
10. 1000 Light years away