Sanathana - Puppets (CD)


Sanathana showcases 10 unique styles of psychedelia in one Album.This man surely shows how talented and versatile he is as a musician and producer.
From chillout melodies with pure ethnic bliss and surreal ambience to mind altering sounds from another dimension. Influences from various styles of EDM can clearly be heard in every tune. Sanathana believes there are no rules in producing psytrance and that is just what he publishes in his album.

This album is psychedelic to the literal meaning of the word. Fresh, Calm, Chilled, Progressive, Twisted, Dark, Groovy, Fullon and Tech sums up the album. Most tracks are produced with an 'out of the box' approach which almost defies certain norms of what psytrance has started sounding nowadays.


1. I found the matrix2. Dharma Mantra Taal3. Tricky human evolution4. A waltz to elsewhere5. Bedtime Stories6. Ayahuasca Puppets7. In love with a droid8. Unclean Spirit9. Sprzen Mozak10. Circus Freak