Safi Connection - Spam Filter (CD)


Safi Connection - Spam Filter (CD) Digital Reality records is happy to bring you the new studio album from the Israeli top producer mishel bitton aka Safi Connection: Spam Filter. In Spam Filter you will find 9 previously unreleased tunes. There is a strong sense of human touch all over The album contains 4 psy-vocal tunes, twisted but groovy, fat but ecstatic, fashionable but un-ordinary.
Among the vocals tunes ther is collabration with Kate Lesing, Cosmic Sun and another safi remix for a new israeli hot band named Soundbox feat. Dana.

In total we might have an intresting and colurfull combination between psy-trance and Safi Connection point of view of today's sound.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Oct. 2008/42

1. Running - Safi Connection, Kate Lessing
2. Benchot! - Safi Connection
3. Dejame - Safi Connection, Cosmic Sun
4. Go Back - Safi Connection, Uriya
5. Soundbox (Safi Connection Rmx) - Soundbox Feat. Dana
6. Dreaming - Safi Connection
7. Deep Purple - Safi Connection
8. Fire Fly - Safi Connection
9. Dig It - Safi Connection, Cosmic Sun