Saeg - Sophisticated Abstractions (CD)


Nuuktal records is very proud to present its first physical release the album debut of Saeg an remarkable artist from Mexico City.
After his successfull releases since 2007 with Iboga Mexico, Yellow Sunshine Explotion and Iono Music, the time has come for Demian Lara to finally say a big hello to the world's trance lovers with an excellent designed unique piece.

This is truly an audio boutique with 69 minutes of solid musical structures and earth frequencies, giving a fresh perspective to progressive trance from Saeg's point of view, just ready to push forward to the next decade.


1. Intro - SAEG 
2. Coming from Aztlan - SAEG 
3. Panorama - SAEG 
4. Flying with us today - SAEG AQND OJOS 
5. Modern Wild Life - SAEG 
6. Black Jaguar - SAEG 
7. Supercollider - SAEG AQND OJOS 
8. Universal - SAEG 
9. Sophisticated Abstractions - SAEG 
10. 7th Sun - SAEG AND KANIX