S.U.N. Project - RemiXes II (CompactStick)


S.U.N. Project - RemiXes II (CompactStick) Psyshop proudly presents S.U.N. Project 'RemiXes II' on Compactstick.S.U.N. Project, the pioneers of guitar-psy-trance are back with a killer remix-compilation, containing some of their most famous tracks. International acts, like Atomic Pulse, Bad Boys (Slider), DNA, Fatali, Freak Show, Insomnia, Neelix, Sesto Sento and many more produced some most innovative and powerful high-energy remixes.
In 2001 S.U.N. Project released their first remix-album 'The Remixes'. Because of the successful S.U.N. Project 'Black Album X' many artists were asking to produce cover-versions of new and old S.U.N. Project tracks.

It's the most thrilling mixture of famous S.U.N. Project hits combined with the superb style and production of these leading trance artists.

It's a Must Have for every S.U.N. Project fan and anyone that loves psy trance and full-on at all.

The Compactstick includes 5 additional Tracks, a Bonus Video, Trance Visuals 2009 'Let it Burn', Discographie, Screen Saver 'RemiXes II'

Audios in wav and mp3 Format.


1. Turbo Booster - (DNA rmx) 
2. Let it burn - (Solar System rmx) 
3. Looking for you - (Insomnia rmx) 
4. I Feel - (Freak Show rmx) 
5. Wicked - (Sesto Sento rmx) 
6. 380 Volt - (Spectral Hades rmx) 
7. Dance of the witches - (Bad Boys rmx) 
8. Computer Breath - (Fatali rmx) 
9. Space Dwarfs - (Atomic Pulse rmx) 
10. A hard ride - (Dj Astralex feat Roomnoise rmx) 
11. 380 Volt - (Slackjoint rmx) 
12. I Feel - (Peacemaker rmx) 
13. 380 Volt rmx 
14. Shanghaied to paradise - (Predators rmx) 
15. Never look behind - (Neelix rmx) 
16. The Funk - (Meller rmx)
17. Bonus Video Let it burn Trance Visuals 2009 -

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