SOM - Morning Trip


Project SOM is Andrey Samoilov, the musician, DJ and promoter founder and owner of the label 'Positive Reaction Records'.
During the project existence, SOM has released 2 high grade albums, 'Contact your mind' and 'Psychedelic Dream's' and a lot of tracks on compilations of various labels. Acted on a large quantity of parties and Open air's with well-known artists.

In 2011 on Positive Reaction Records there is a new album SOM 'Morning trip' which includes 10 tracks written during the period 2009 to 2010.

SOM is always a show, unforgettable performance, positive magic music. It's the power, which he transfers to people on performances.

His own tracks are always a huge impression. His mixes are the qualitatively picked up materials, the excellent technics of compiling.

And excellent mood.


1. Emotions - SOM 
2. Sextime - (SOM rmx)BIOKINETIX 
3. Imagination - SOM 
4. Freedome - (SOM rmx)ANDREY SAMOILOV 
5. Fine Day - (SOM rmx)KIRSTY HAWKSHAW 
6. Sun Set - SOM 
7. Morning Trip - SOM 
8. Masta of sound - (SOM rmx)SENSORICA 
9. Shiva rmx - SOM 
10. Moon song - SOM