SCSI-9 take it easy


Russian DJ/producer duo SCSI-9 will release their fourth full-length, Easy as Down, later this month.
Kompakt will once again be the imprint with the pleasure of bringing Anton Kubikov and Maxim Milutenko's work to the world. The label's press notes tell us that the album sounds much the same as previous efforts except this time the duo have grabbed a few live musicians to help out with crafting their trademark minimal techno. Fear not! They continue, the album is "far away from blimpish lounge jazz sounds a la Buddha Bar." And after a few listens, we can heartily and thankfully agree to that much. Instead, it'sâ??wellâ??very much the same: Emotional techno with an understated air.

01. Blue Wolf from North
02. Vesna, Lastic & Elliott
03. Nothing Will Change It
04. Tu Eres Mas
05. Boys Away
06. Easy as Down
07. Waterglide
08. The Rime
09. Together
10. Outtro
11. Moses Tale

Kompakt will release SCSI-9's Easy as Down on October