S-Range - Remixed Memories (CD)


S-Range - Remixed Memories (CD) Known as one of the most highly requested Live Acts and DJs in the Trance scene Anthony Sillfors, aka S-Range, prepares yet another surprise!
The Swedish artist who performed in almost every country around the world, completes 10 years of the project with a memorable release called 'Remixed Memories', which brings the classic tunes from the early years of S-Range remixed by both well established and new trance artists.


1. Morning Star - (Re:actor rmx) 
2. Yellow Base - (Atomic Pulse rmx) 
3. Serial Overtypes - (Skulptor vs SMS rmx) 
4. Boom - (Zen Mechanics rmx) 
5. Kym - (Mad Maax (rmx) 
6. Hypermental - (Exaile vs Uriel rmx) 
7. Larger Plan - (Squidfingers rmx) 
8. Test Tones - (Alternative motion rmx) 
9. Space - (Ibojima rmx)

Source: www.psyshop.com