Rumble Pack - Breaking The Silence (CD)


Welcome into the new Rumble Pack's fantasy world.Moon Spirits Records is proud to present his new master piece the 2nd album of Rumble Pack from Switzerland.
Rumble Pack is a psychedelic trance act composed of Andreas Maerki and Philip Guillaume (aka Motion Drive) from Zuerich.

Having both a long career as producers as DJ's, they have been playing a leading role in the Swiss Trance scene for many years now. They worked their way up from small parties in the woods, to the biggest festivals in Europe (Fusion, Vuuv, Antaris, Ozora, Atmosphere, Psychedelic Circus, Summer Never Ends and more.) It all started, when they released their debut album called 'Mirage' under their former name 'Blue Vortex' in 2004. Riding the wave of success they released in 2007 their first album 'Packed and ready' under their new project's name Rumble Pack on Mahogany Recs. Their music was played worldwide and many tracks got released on the biggest famous labels. After this album, Philip took a break and concentrated on his solo project 'Motion Drive'. In 2009, plans for a new Rumble Pack album took shape and they rejoined the French label Moon Spirits Rec. After one year of hard work we are all proud to present the result of this story to you. Rumble Pack with their trance's vision are ready to rock the world with their second opus 'Breaking the Silence'.

Between Full on and Progressive, their music will be played by the Dj's all over the world with tracks like 'Wraped Up', 'Breaking the silence', 'Roadtrip to wonderland' and 'Hallucinated' co-produced with Aladiah. Pioneers of the 'ProgressivFullOn' movement they want you to break the silence and enjoy some deep psychedelic trance!.


1. Wraped up 
2. Tec Droid 
3. Restructured 
4. Spike 
5. Breaking the silence 
6. Sonic Fusion 
7. Roadtrip to wonderland 
8. Hallucinated 
9. Just passing by