Roshi - Roshi (CD)


Roshi - Roshi (CD) Roshi's eponymous debut album, moves through different genres of electronic music skillfully blending influences from stoner rock, electro, techno, drum 'n bass and even dubstep. Roshi was selected for iDJ Magazines list 'the ones to watch in 2009' and the current album delivers on those promises. Many featuring artists add to the appeal of the album, most notably finnish rapper Redrama and Accu vocalist Jere Garcia. The album as a whole is an ode to life, a comment to this world, where everyone should think of their direction and relationship to themselves.
Roshi's numerous and international friends and collegues will ensure that the tracks will find their way into many DJs playlists. All the hotest trendy blogs are creaming themselves over this release!


1. Revolution 2009 
2. Loading Zone 
3. Lay by me 
4. It's all good 
5. Land of the forgotten 
6. Freeway Funk 
7. Shinken 
8. Stoner Disko 
9. Mirror 
10. Persistence