Ritmo - Archive 9 (CD)


Ritmo - Archive 9 (CD) Ritmo has picked a bunch of exquisite remixes to fill up a full length CD.Dubi Dagan, better known as Ritmo, has very much successfully released his album 'Disharmonic Silence', a release which presented his own progressive trance style and which has been highly praised by critics and fans alike.
As his album has included some of the most original and inspiring sounds, it was an instant success and djs all over the place picked up on his exquisite trance style.

Extracts from this album were licensed and re-issued on many compilations of all major labels. Finally it was no surprise that the requests for doing remixes have been strong and the demand for them could not have been ignored.

So Ritmo has picked a bunch of exquisite remixes to fill up a full length CD which still maintains the spectacular production he is renowned for.

And the Lineup speaks for itself. Names like Suntree, Time in Motion, Flegma and Nerso, Egorythmia and trance oldstagers Gaudium have delivered nine fresh and previously unreleased tracks in Iono Music trademark quality, presented in a musical range that will please everyone who is captured by the diversity of international psychedelic progtrance music.


1. Practical - RITMO 
2. Dimension - (Suntree rmx)RITMO 
3. Disharmonic Silence - (Time In Motion rmx)RITMO 
4. Unseen - (Ritmo rmx)SUNTREE 
5. Check One - (Unseen Dimensions rmx)RITMO 
6. Rapture - (Gaudium rmx)RITMO 
7. Disharmonic Silence - (Flegma and Nerso rmx)RITMO 
8. Rapture - (Egorythmia rmx)RITMO 
9. Disharmonic Silence - (Zyce rmx)RITMO

Source: www.psyshop.com