Ridden - Art and Science (CD)


Sourcing inspiration, evolved unique style and well spent studio time are the main factors that led Ridden to the launch of his new dance floor smashing debut album 'Art and Science'.
The distinct production characteristics Of Ridden's debut album are clear cut sonic tunes, heavy kick drums, warm baselines, crunchy melodies all spiced up with fresh, twisted and exciting trance sounds. 'Art and Science' promises to take you on a voyage through an unforgetable music journey by keeping it positive, psychedelic and bouncy.

All tracks are written and produced by Chavales Michalis. Track 7 is written and produced by Chavales Michalis and Zouzoulas Thanasis.


1. Sky Walker 
2. Secret 
3. Wisdom 
4. Seti Part 2 
5. Unusual Experience 
6. Power of will 
7. Symbols 
8. Riding Life 
9. Art and Science

Source: www.psyshop.com